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3 Successful Strategies for Selling Property FAST

1. Create your own Smart City
With the rise of smart homes and more people seeking options like electric vehicles, the trend for future development is focused on fully integrated solutions. 70 percent of real estate professionals surveyed by Deloitte for their 2020 Real Estate Industry Outlook plan to maintain or increase their overall technology investments even if an economic slowdown occurs. Without a doubt, innovative, future-proof homes are what consumers want. Tenants today have a constant desire to move into better, more updated spaces – spaces that include the latest technology, or what is now termed the “digital occupant experience.” Some ways to make your development smarter and more sustainable include:
– Smart metering
– Installation of solar PV
– Electric vehicle charging stations
– IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as building light and temperature sensors
– Connected home appliances
– Smart Wi-Fi

2. Create a ‘BRAND’ for your Property Development
Every sale starts with a good story. When it comes to selling your property development it doesn’t matter if you’re selling a single home or a development of 200 lots; it’s about selling a brand that people can resonate with. A perfect example is The Hilton. The simple name ‘Hilton’ immediately evokes a high-end, luxurious image. When you consider how much value hotels create with compelling brands, it’s not surprising that developers are keen to employ similar marketing and branding strategies to residential and commercial buildings. If done right, branded properties can turn their goodwill into real-life profit.

Part of property branding is creating an engaging story aimed at your customer’s emotions and persuading them to see the vision of their new home. Effective property branding can add value by helping developers target the right consumers, meet commercial and business objectives. For example, marketing an apartment with solar PV and Electric Vehicle charging stations requires effective and educational storytelling to appeal to green consumers who understand and appreciate the point of difference of the property.

3. Implement an Embedded Network for cost savings
An embedded network like Arc Energy offers lower electricity rates for homeowners than what is available through a traditional retailer. This further increases the attractiveness to buyers who wish to reduce the cost of living. This can be a key driver for consumer decision making, particularly in the current market where a point of difference is more important than ever. By joining together to purchase electricity on a larger scale, this greater buying power reduces the cost for everyone within the development. Benefits for your consumers include:
– Access to smart metering systems to better manage, control and reduce energy usage
– Integration of energy-efficient solutions like LED lights and smart home automation
– Pay-on-time discount for residents
– Community access to online resources including explainer videos and simple tips to manage energy consumption

Arc Energy knows what your customers want! Get in touch to learn more about our in-building solutions.