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EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Stations

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Arc Energy is leading the way in integrating scalable EV (Electric Vehicle) charging solutions in new developments, helping future proof infrastructure and reduce carbon footprint. Installing a commercial Electric Vehicle EV charging station promotes more than just the green credentials of a company, it also highlights the brand as a progressive leader in technology. Commercial charging stations help EV drivers commit to a greener form of transportation.

We partner with leading EV Charging suppliers to provide the safest, latest and most reliable hardware and software solutions.
  • Shared Charging Stations
  • In-Bay Charging Stations
  • Innovative Billing Software Solutions Including Blockchain-Based Billing
  • L4 Autonomy Enabling Remote Systems Communication
  • Solar-Powered & Battery Integrated Charging
Installing EV Charging stations are a great way to:
  • Prepare for the shift to EV vehicles
  • Increase rental prices and property value
  • Improve green ratings (BASIX, NABERS etc.) and help meet sustainability targets

FAQ – Renewable Energy

Who is Arc Renewable Group

Arc Renewable Group is the renewable energy arm of Arc Energy Corporation. Arc Renewable Group has bought together a wide range of expertise in recognition of the vital role that renewable energy plays within the energy sector of the 21st Century.

The Arc Renewable approach

Arc Renewables is at the cutting edge of developing efficient and cost-effective energy delivery, management systems and services. Through service aggregation, we have been able to leverage the significant synergies that exist within the sector and are able to bring all the opportunities the sector has to offer to our clients, resulting in a comprehensive, streamlined and turnkey solution.

Renewable Accredation

Proud to be an approved retailer of the Clean Energy Council. There’s a guarantee that you are buying a quality product from a company that follows all relevant consumer protection laws and will back the operation of your solar system for a minimum of five years.

Arc Renewable Group solutions

Arc Renewables delivers efficient and cost-effective energy delivery, management systems and services. Our solutions include Green Tech, Solar PV, Green Funding, Batteries & Storage, Energy Efficiency, Electric Vehicles, Energy Procurement and more.