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Let’s start by breaking down what an Embedded Network is and how it differs from conventional energy networks. In a traditional non-embedded development, each individual home, office or store has its own energy supply from a selected retailer. However, with an embedded network like Arc Energy Group, energy is purchased in bulk and sold to customers within one complex based on their measured energy consumption.
Being part of an embedded network (or a small private electricity network) is an exciting and innovative way to reduce your electricity bills and usage without compromising on service.

What are the Benefits of an Embedded Network?
  • A Reduction In Energy Rates As Other Occupants Of The Building Are Combining Their Electricity Usage And Receive What Amounts To A Bulk Discount From The Electricity Supplier.
  • No Hassle Of Having To Shop Around For An Energy Retailer.
  • No Lock-In Contracts
  • Your Embedded Network Provider Understands The Needs And Functionality Of Your Building Which Means A Low-Risk Arrangement.
  • Embedded Networks Allocate Individual Meters To Each Property And The Common Areas Which Ensures That You’re Only Paying For The Energy That You Consume.
How Does an Embedded Network Work?

Within an Embedded Network, a Parent Meter is installed between the incoming supply and the Main Switch Board. The parent meter records all energy consumed within the building enabling the bulk purchase of electricity. By aggregating energy usage of all individual lot owners within the development, an opportunity exists for the site’s owner to gain access to the wholesale energy market for a bulk electricity purchase. Rather than negotiating a rate, Arc Energy Group provides power to your building and sells to each customer based on how much energy they have consumed.

Being part of an embedded network is an exciting and innovative way to reduce your electricity bills and usage without compromising on service.

FAQ – Embedded Networks

What are some other embedded network structures?

Apartment Building, aged care facilities, shopping centres, schools and commercial complexes.

Do I need to be present when power is connected at my new property?

No, you will not be required to wait at the property, and access to your tenancy will not be required.

How do I set up my account?

Before moving in, you will need to call Arc Energy Group on 1300 025 965 to activate your account.