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Services for residents

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A constant and reliable supply of hot water is essential for any home or business. A centralised hot water system allows hot water to constantly circulate within the building to your residence through an individual meter, ensuring you are only charged for the water you use.

Arc Energy Group works closely with developers and building owners to supply centralised hot water solutions for residents and business owners. Our focus on energy efficiency benefits the end-user through lower operating costs and energy bills. Our efficient Centralised Hot Water systems hold many advantages over traditional systems

  • Fully Funded And Supplied
  • Design, Installation, Ongoing Maintenance And Customer Service Are Taken Care Of By Our Expert Team And Partners
  • Higher Efficiency Levels Due To Condensing Boilers And Multi-Stage Burning.
  • Risk-Free And Hassle-Free

FAQ – Hot Water

What is Centralised hot water?

Centralised hot water is a hot water system, generally within an apartment or retail developments, that provides each home or business with their hot water requirements. Each property has its own hot water meter to ensure you’re only charged for what you use.

What do I do if there is an issue with my hot water supply?

You should contact your Strata Manager or real estate agent for any issues related to your hot water service. Your Body Corporate Manager is responsible for the hot water system and any pipes or infrastructure used to deliver hot water in your building.

How will I know if I have a Centralised Hot Water System?

If you have Centralised Hot Water, your entire apartment building will have Bulk Hot Water. Your Strata Manager, building manager or real estate agent will be able to confirm this.