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A smart meter is a digital meter that measures when and how your energy is consumed. This device then sends that data back to your energy provider, which is then used to calculate your bill. Unlike traditional metering, a smart meter doesn’t require someone to undertake a manual reading.

Smart meters also have the ability to allow electricity supply to be remotely switched on and off without a technician and also notify your energy provider of any power outages.

Benefits of a Smart Meter
  • Monitor And Control Your Electricity Usage
  • Correct Meter Readings And More Accurate Bills
  • Lower Energy Costs And Reduce Carbon Emissions By Identifying Where You May Be Wasting Energy
  • Smart Meters Can Help Identify The Cause Of Outages More Efficiently

FAQ – Embedded Networks

What are some other embedded network structures?

Apartment Building, aged care facilities, shopping centres, schools and commercial complexes.

Do I need to be present when power is connected at my new property?

No, you will not be required to wait at the property, and access to your tenancy will not be required.

How do I set up my account?

Before moving in, you will need to call Arc Energy Group on 1300 025 965 to activate your account.