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Embedded Networks for Developers and Residents

Saving developers time and money from design to construction, providing lower utility rates, and even leaving behind a clean, green footprint for the environment may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. It’s what embedded networks are all about.

Put simply, an embedded network is a site where energy, hot water and other utilities are set up in a way that allows the building to purchase in bulk and then sell to occupants at a competitive rate. Embedded networks benefit everyone associated with the building, from developers to owners corporations, and most importantly, to the end-user.

For developers who construct and move on from each building, embedded networks can reduce capital costs, as Arc Energy Group supplies and installs the infrastructure for the embedded network. Partnering with Arc Energy Group also provides developers with a positive legacy to their development, as Arc Energy Group supplies renewable solutions including, Solar PV, EV charging stations and Smart Metering. Having renewable solutions also contributes towards attaining a higher Green Star energy rating that can be used in promotion of sustainability standing. This helps developments become more marketable and essentially increases their value.

Strata Companies and Building Owners
The key advantage to the building owners in an electrical embedded network is the potential to earn a surplus between the wholesale supply cost of electricity to the building and the retail sale price to occupiers. When a surplus is earned, this can be applied to cover the cost of Common Area electricity, maintenance, levy reduction or for any other building related purpose. This immediately brings down the cost to the owners of running the building.

Tenants and Residents
Because embedded networks create a buying group that buys energy at wholesale rates, the group can also pass those savings on, offering attractive rates to tenants and residents. Saving on electricity, gas, and hot water is important to most people, but just as big a benefit for many people is not having to worry about connections when moving in or out of a building. What’s more, residents will have access to smart metering systems to better manage, control and reduce their energy usage.

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