Information to be provided to customers at the start of their tenancy/residency agreement as required under the AER’s Retail Exempt Selling Guideline.

Under the Australian Retail Exempt Selling Guideline, Arc Energy must advise its exempt customers, at the start of their tenancy/residency agreement, of the following:

  1. The Customer can choose an authorised electricity retailer to supply electricity to the Customer’s premises but the Customer should advise the authorised electricity retailer that the Customer’s electricity meter is part of an Embedded Network.  Arc Energy will ensure that the Customer’s access to an authorised retailer of choice is not impeded by any network configuration or metering arrangements.
  2. That Arc Energy as an exempt seller is not subject to all the obligations of an authorised electricity retailer, and the exempt customer will not receive the same protections as it would if it were purchasing from an authorised retailer
  3. Arc Energy’s procedures for handling disputes and complaints are set out on Arc Energy’s web site.  In the event of a complaint by the customer or a dispute arising with a Customer concerning the supply of electricity, Arc Energy will make reasonable endeavours to resolve the complaint or dispute, and will advise the Customer of any right that the customer may have to access the energy Ombudsman scheme administered by the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON).
  4. The conditions applicable to the Retail Exemption that Arc Energy is operating under are set out in the Instrument of Exemption issued by the Australian Energy Regulator on 8 April 2016, which is available on Arc Energy’s web site
  5. All relevant NSW, Commonwealth and non-government energy rebates, concessions and relief schemes are available to eligible customers.  Eligibility will depend on the customer’s individual circumstances.  Arc Energy is able and willing to assist with these
  6. For residential customers with payment difficulties, Arc Energy offers a customer hardship scheme to assist them.  Arc Energy recognises that financial hardship is a circumstance that a customer may face when they have the intention but not the capacity to make a payment within the timeframe required by Arc Energy’s payment terms.
  7. The customer’s electricity tariffs and charges that will apply to the sale of electricity are set out on Arc Energy’s web site.
  8. Upon request, residential customers are offered a bill smoothing arrangement where they are provided with estimated bills for the same amount over a 12 month period and each invoice is based on the customers and is based on the average consumption for a 12 month period and at the end of the 12 month period, Arc Energy will obtain a meter read and adjust any over or under estimating of the customer’s bills.
  9. Contact numbers in the event of an electricity fault or emergency are set out on Arc Energy’s bills.
  10. The customer’s Electricity Supply Agreement with Arc Energy is covered by Australian consumer protection laws and is separate from the customer’s contract with his or her electricity retailer and distributor which are covered under the National Energy Retail Law.

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