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Future proof your development without the extra costs.

Get in touch to learn how Arc Energy Group can optimise your development with our suite of in-building solutions.

Arc Energy Group is your expert leader in embedded network solutions. Our solutions range from energy procurement and management to energy generation and renewable solutions for residential, commercial and industrial developments. For almost a decade, we have served a network of developers and building corporations that have contributed to the development of smart and sustainable buildings.

Establishing and managing an embedded network is inherently challenging. We utilise our proven expertise to remove the risk and the stress from the process. Backed by a team of industry experts, we provide an array of services from site evaluation and planning, right through to network instalment, billing and support.

“We’re about protecting your brand”

Since its beginning, Arc Energy Group has developed a reputation for being the most reliable source for dealing with key stakeholders such as strata companies, governance and compliance organisations, hydraulic and electrical consultancy firms, as well as having a reach with authorities that far exceeds any other embedded network operators. The integrity of the brands we deal with are at the core of our service and we’re committed to delivering uncompromised service.

We proudly work with