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Embedded Networks

Embedded networks facilitate the energy on-selling process whereby energy is purchased in bulk sold and sold to the tenants within the network at a discounted rate. These networks utilise conventional building infrastructure to deliver utility services to end-users, whilst creating ongoing income streams that can benefit building owners, building managers and residents. Arc Energy Group is a leading provider of embedded networks, offering a comprehensive range of solutions from the early stages of site evaluation and planning, through to network implementation, meter reading, billing and customer care.

Whether you are a property developer of an emerging site or the Owners Corporation and building manager of existing properties, Arc Energy Group can add value to your development with expert advice, quality customer service and detailed knowledge and understanding of your site. Our aim is to maximise the value of your property, ultimately creating a point of difference for future tenants and investors.

What is an embedded network?
Luke Pelich – Managing Director
Benefits of implementing Embedded Networks:
  • Reduction In Development Power Costs.
  • Allows Electrical Contractors Full Control Of Service Connection, Without Relying On Network Providers.
  • Supplied And Installed Metering.
  • Improve The Marketability Of Your Development With A Suite Of Embedded Solutions Including Renewable Energy.
  • Excellence In Service Delivery, Faster For Tenants Without Waiting For The Local Network Provider.
  • Give Tenants A Better Understanding Of Their Energy Consumption.
  • Professional And Comprehensive Management.
  • Reduced Costs For Common Areas.

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