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How does Arc Energy Group provide value to developers?

Arc Energy’s embedded network system is designed to drive a variety of benefits to developers and owners corporations. Using smart metering technology, the entire electricity supply is metered by a gate meter while sub-meters measure occupant and common area consumption. Abiding by AEMC policies and AER guidelines, Arc Energy delivers benefits to all stakeholders involved in the development. For high-rise developers, this means cost savings of infrastructure and a low-cost power proposition to purchasers.

We also offer a suite of renewable solutions including high-rise solar PV, Electric Vehicle charging stations and smart home automation technologies.

Some other benefits of an Arc Energy embedded network include:

Why Trust Arc Energy?

We understand a developer’s need to build strong relations with investors.

We understand a developer’s need to build strong relationships with investors, so to be able to reference positive, cost-saving schemes as well as a range of future-proof technologies, trusting Arc Energy is a no-brainer.

There’s a reason we’ve become the fastest-growing Embedded Network provider and operator in Australia. Our success is attributed to our commitment in building long-term relationships with our vast range of clients. By overseeing the design, project management, delivery, operation and customer management, we are able to ensure a unified and positive outcome for all projects we are involved in.

Our construction and engineering experience enable us to liaise and communicate with owners, developers, strata managers, design consultants and contractors to optimise the infrastructure outcome, giving you a partner with a single-minded focus on customer service, with detailed knowledge and understanding of your development.

Embedded Networks

Arc Energy Group can add value to your development with expert advice, quality customer service and detailed knowledge and understanding of your site.
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Hot Water

We work with your team to install, optimise and manage the ongoing energy associated with the hot water system.
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Renewable Services

We are a major player in the renewable energy market, offering renewable technologies including Solar PV, EV Charging Stations, Batteries and other energy-efficient appliances.
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We always strive to add significant value to our clients’ businesses, helping them to assess, reduce and control their energy.
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NBN Alternatives

We work with property developers, builders and communications contractors to supply state of the art super-fast communications in new housing developments.
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