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The Importance of Choosing the Right Embedded Network

When you’re not dealing with the right Embedded Network company, you can get into trouble.
Recently, Arc Energy Group embarked on what we like to call a rescue mission.
In other words, we assisted rectifying an issue when another embedded network company forgot to lodge a gas application, which ultimately cost the developer $16,000 a day.

Within just a few hours, our team was brought on board to take over the project and turn it around.
The end result? A successful gas application and a very happy developer.


Arc Energy Group Embedded Networks

Your Embedded Network company plays a vital role in the management of your development, as well as protecting your brand name for future tenants. Great plans, contracts, and construction documents cannot be carried out successfully from someone lacking in expertise or integrity. At Arc Energy Group, we are not afraid of challenges, we are not afraid of putting our reputations behind the decisions we make; and most of all, we are responsive to the intricacies of our projects.

Why Choose Arc Energy Group Embedded Network?

We’re Focussed on Quality

Our innovative approach enables us to consistently deliver the utmost quality in the early stages of planning and design right through to customer support. Our record of success has been built by our team, as well as our leading manufacturers including Rheem and Rinnai. Our approach keeps our team involved throughout the job, maintaining consistent involvement, ensuring that the highest quality is met and exceeded.

We’re Backed by an Expert Team

There’s a reason we’ve become the fastest-growing Embedded Network company in Australia. Our team of experts have driven our success, managing solutions for a multitude of projects including educational facilities, residential developments, and high-end commercial. Plus, we’re one of only a handful of Embedded Network companies to be a licensed energy retailer approved by the Australian Energy Regulator.

We’re a Transparent Embedded Network

We understand that communication is key and the importance of keeping project participants informed with progress. We develop integrated plans for logistics, budget, and schedules to coordinate the worksite and ensure that all involved are well informed.

Trust the Embedded Network Experts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help optimise your project.