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Reshaping the Perception of Property Developers

In recent weeks, the development industry has once again been slammed for treating buyers as numbers. It’s no doubt that there is an urgent need to rebuild public confidence in this sector. The question is how? How can property developers build more trust with their potential buyers? How can they offer a point of difference? The simple answer is Arc Energy Group smart solutions.

Property Developers need Embedded Networks

Many property developers and strata companies are engaging embedded network providers like Arc Energy. Embedded networks offer residents with competitive energy rates which means minimising the cost of living. Arc Energy residents can enjoy unbeatable rates through aggregated power, take advantage of pay-on-time discounts and feel confident in our Australian based customer service team.

Renewable Energy

Gone are the days where home buyers were sold on the marble kitchen. The words “renewable energy” have been on the lips of Australians as buyers are looking for ways to live more sustainably. Developers must understand that these inclusions can often be a point of difference in an increasingly competitive market. Renewable features that were once considered niche, are in demand more than ever. Features such as Solar PV, EV charging stations and LED lighting are attractive to homebuyers seeking environmentally sustainable apartments.

Smart and Sustainable Solutions

Today’s eco-conscious homebuyers are seeking fully integrated solutions, to control their energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Arc Energy Group can help developers create a point of difference through the integration of smart metering and smart home automation. These integrated systems empower consumers to better understand, control and manage their energy whilst providing a seamless living experience. Now more than ever, developers must look to create a legacy that makes an impact and positions them as leaders of innovative, smart and sustainable living.

As our lifestyles change, so too should our homes. In order to create a point of difference, developers must incorporate smart solutions that empower energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and ultimately, enhance the livability of communities. Get in touch to learn how Arc Energy Group can help you create a point of difference.

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us,”  — Winston Churchill