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The Arc Energy Embedded Network Model, A WIN-WIN

A win-win situation is one that has a positive outcome for all parties involved, an outcome where everyone walks away happy.
An example of this is the Arc Energy embedded network model that has saved developers tens of millions over the last 12 months, not to mention, providing occupants with significant discounts on their energy bills. Along with these benefits, Arc Energy has been able to sustain its model and deliver what was proposed for the long term.A win-win. 

In some instances, we are faced with the dilemma of a competitor offering more than the model would allow and this not sustainable for the long term.
We have recently seen one of our previous competitors (now closed) having to be bailed out because of the amount of money that was put towards winning over the developer to install an embedded network for a new building that ultimately exhausted the budget and left occupants with no incentives and costly rates! Further to this, nothing was left to keep the plant operational. As imagined, all involved are to blame. If the developer wants more, the apartment owners will receive a limited discount. When this scenario plays out, occupants can become quite disgruntled, lodging complaints that reflect on the developer, the development and the organisation providing the embedded network.

Some embedded network companies start off with a competitive rate but by the time the building is fully occupied have already commenced the strategy of increasing their rates to recover the money spent on winning the development by over incentivising the builder or developer.

There are a number of articles validating some of the measures taken by embedded network providers to recover the cost by increasing energy rates within these multi-level buildings. Recently, this led to another embedded network provider needing to sell the company to a new player within the embedded network space and prevent a catastrophe for lot owners and occupants. Other providers have simply changed their names with the same people operating behind the scenes.

When things didn’t fare well for the Owners Corporations and Body Corporates within these embedded networks managed by some of the competitors, Arc Energy provided positive outcomes without wanting to replace the existing provider. Why? Because we believe that success is long term and that our relationships mean more to us than winning every development. We have evolved as an organisation leading the way by partnering with tier 1 organisations and government-owned infrastructure and utility services. We love the embedded concept and when done right, it works well for all involved.

Arc Energy is a responsible company providing an ideal model that has led to our rapid growth in the building sector.Now with a significant market share and a 4.5-star review rating amongst occupants, we continue to do it right! A member of the Australian Energy regulator, Clean Energy Council and playing an integral role within the Urban Development Institute of Australia and having been the only embedded network operator to be acknowledged in the space of embedded energy services, Arc Energy has received countless awards in excellence and recognition for its support to the industry.


We always planned to provide a product and service that would provide a developer with up to $1600 in saving and occupants more than a 30% discount and to date, this is the perfect model that has meant we have succeeded in satisfying the needs of all involved.

More so, we can promise a continued method for providing ongoing savings and incentives so that it’s a win for the developer, a win for Occupants and a win for Arc Energy Group!

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