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The Benefits of an Embedded Network

Embedded networks offer a variety of benefits to all parties involved. Developers can spend less time and money on infrastructure for utilities. Building owners can benefit from reduced cost of living, and pass these savings on to occupants and the end-user.

How Developers Benefit from Embedded Networks

  1. Reduce Overhead Costs

With embedded networks, developers have one less cost to think about during construction. Developers no longer need to set up the infrastructure for water, electricity, and data. They can leave utilities up to the embedded network operator.

  1.           Improve Marketability and Streamline Processes

“An embedded network’s benefits are ample and shared. For developers, it improves the marketability of their building and streamlines the delivery process during the build phases.”   -Andrew Perry, EnergyAustralia Executive

Partner with an embedded network manager committed to renewable solutions. This can boost a property developer’s reputation. It signals to the public that they are environmentally conscious. Plus, it contributes towards them earning a higher Green Star rating.

Developers that opt-in for embedded networks, streamline the utility construction and installation process. Working with an embedded network manager means one provider handles the utility setup.  This removes the hassle of having to work with several providers where quality may vary.

Traditional methods of setting up a building’s utilities can delay connection. However, embedded networks expedite service connections and approval times.

How Building Owners and Strata Companies Benefit from Embedded Networks

There are almost 3 million strata and community-titled properties in Australia. In these cases, embedded networks can potentially provide streams of income.

  1. Revenue generation

The key to potential revenue generation for building owners and strata companies is bulk buying. Owners can buy the electricity in large volumes, at a bulk rate. Choosing to sell to tenants at a retail price could also bring in revenue.

They can use the extra revenue for building maintenance costs. Increasing the amenities offered will attract new residents. Strata companies can use this money for their sinking funds. Or they can use it to support their 10-year maintenance plan.

  1.           Maintenance by Experts

Building owners and strata companies do not need to maintain embedded networks. Instead, a team of experts will manage and maintain utility services.

  1.           Improved Ability to Service and Upgrade Infrastructure

Embedded networks are designed for future innovation. According to BloombergNEF, 64% of new cars brought into Australia will be electric by 2040. Plus, there were over 2.68 million rooftop solar power systems installed in Australia as of December 2020. Obviously, Australians have an appetite for green energy solutions. With that, our buildings are going to need to reflect this.

The parent connection point makes it simple to do system upgrades at scale and quickly. The need for electric vehicle charging stations continues to grow. Along with solar and battery packs, embedded network infrastructure can be updated. This ensures you can always offer modern amenities and continue to attract residents.

How Embedded Networks Benefit Consumers 

One in five Australians lives in strata-titled properties. Embedded networks are usually the go-to solution for multi-tenanted properties. Residents unlock a range of benefits when their buildings incorporate embedded networks.

  1. Lower Tariffs

“Embedded networks can allow for savings to customers through bulk buying and provide other benefits, for instance through integrating on-site solar generation or battery storage. Efficient plant equipment and energy management tools to manage energy usage habits.

People living in strata properties may have access to lower utility bills. Embedded networks create a privately-owned electricity network. This acts as a private resource that supplies all lots within the complex. The strata company can negotiate the best prices and benefit from bulk purchasing power. Then, the residents experience savings when they buy electricity below retail price. This also helps reduce levies and unnecessary energy consumption. This, in effect, makes the property more accomodating for residents.

  1.           Capped Maximum Price

There is a cap on how much you can be charged for electricity. Embedded network service providers cannot charge above the standing tariff for the jurisdiction.

Other consumer protections include flexible payment options when experiencing financial difficulty and clear and reasonable disconnection procedures.

  1.           Improved System Monitoring Capabilities

Residents will get to enjoy electric vehicle charging stations and solar PV. Also, they get access to smart metres with embedded networks. This improves their ability to track their energy consumption. In effect, residents can save even more on utility bills.

Embedded networks provide convenient solutions to property developers. Plus, they are cost-effective solutions for building owners, and consumers. As it is, utility rates continue to soar. At the same time, the government continues to promote green initiatives. So embedded networks, backed by renewables, is be the way forward.

Arc Energy provides the perfect solution for building owners and developers to take advantage of embedded networks. We offer a variety of benefits that will save you time, money, and hassle in your construction process. If you’re ready to find out more about how we can help with an embedded network project please reach out!