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The Electric Vehicle boom will dominate 2020

The electric vehicle boom is upon us with at least eight new electric vehicle models hitting Australian shores in upcoming months. This not only opens up further choice for drivers wanting to reduce private transport emissions but it also allows for drivers to simply have the latest in automotive technology.

New models have been scheduled to arrive in 2020 from Audi, Porsche, Volvo and Polestar, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Mini and a new player on the local scene, EV Automotive. it will see more electric vehicles on local roads in a country that is still lagging behind the global shift to zero emissions transport. By 2030, 3 out of 10 vehicles will be electric. Therefore, it’s becoming increasingly important for developers to consider the future needs of their residents by providing them with these future-proof solutions.

Some may ask why electric vehicles?

They’re cheaper to run

Owners of electric vehicles have the advantage of much lower running costs. The electricity to charge an EV works out to be around a third as much per kilometre as buying petrol for the same vehicle. Making EV facilities more accessible and convenient for residents will ultimately encourage them to consider an electric vehicle over a standard gasoline one.

They can attract new and return customers

Charging stations can also attract new and loyal customers. If your development consists of a restaurant or shopping facility, you might entice customers with your charging stations who might otherwise go somewhere else. As well as this, the installation of EV charging stations also increases customer “dwell-time” by nearly an hour – meaning more time for customers to spend their time and money within the premises.

They can help position you as a Green Leader

If your company is pushing a sustainability strategy, adding EV charging stations is one of the easiest steps you can take. By adding charging stations, you demonstrate to both your employees and customers that you are taking action to promote sustainability and do your part in reducing emissions. Your potential buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing an apartment in what is becoming a saturated property market. Installing future-proof amenities will not only make your building stand out from the rest, but it will also position your brand as a sustainable, forward-thinking leader in the market.

EVs represent cutting-edge technology and offer a solution to some of our world’s pollution problems. Installing EV charging stations within your development brings both financial and environmental benefits, and it offers long-term advantages for your brand. Over the past few years, Arc Energy has installed EV stations to some of the nation’s largest developments, the most recent being Melrose Park. When it comes to future-proof, sustainable developments, we’re the embedded network company you can trust. Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimise your development with our range of renewable solutions.