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The future is electric and it’s NOW

While the rest of the world charges ahead, Australia’s Electric Vehicle market is just taking off.
Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz announced its aim to have plug-in hybrid or pure-electric vehicles constitute over 50% of car sales by 2030. It’s not just the rest of the world moving in this direction, Arc Energy has noticed a distinct surge in property investors and tenants enquiring about EV Vehicle Infrastructure in new developments.

By 2030, 3 out of 10 vehicles will be electric. It is, therefore, becoming increasingly important for developers to consider the future needs of their residents by providing them with these future-proof solutions.

Did you know your development can obtain a higher Green Star rating by allocating as little as 5% of car park space to EV vehicles?

This rating provides an excellent pathway to improving sustainability and future-proofing your development. Installing EV charging stations can also bring both financial and environmental benefits including:
– Attracting new and repeat customers
– Increasing the property’s value
– Boosting Customer Satisfaction
– Achieving Sustainability Goals
– Establishing your brand as a green leader

If you’re in the planning or building stages of your development and haven’t considered installing EV Charging stations, the time to act is now. Get in touch to learn more about how Arc Energy Group can future-proof your development with our suite of renewable energy solutions.