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What Residents Want

With apartment living on the rise, and set to continue, customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to making a decision of where to buy and rent. With the accelerated update of renewables, batteries, EV’s and smart-meters, we know that today’s consumers are demanding more control of their energy use and a better outcome for the planet. Arc Energy is leading the way in the embedded network industry by combining the traditional network system with renewable technology to create smart, efficient, future-proof developments. We partner with developers to improve the marketability of their developments, focussing on the point of difference: The Arc Energy difference.

Low electricity tariffs and Pay-on-time discount

Consumer complaints about energy retailers have been increasing as energy prices rise and household’s struggle to afford basic utilities. We’re committed to making a difference for all Australians by offering them low electricity tariffs as well as a pay-on-time discount.

Renewable Technology

Arc Energy Group is a major player in the renewable energy market, offering renewable technologies including Solar PV, EV Charging Stations and energy-efficient smart-home appliances. This serves as a major bonus for eco-conscience residents who are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. As well as this, our smart metering technology empowers residents to better understand, manage and control their energy usage.

Building Management

Our appointed engineers understand the needs and functionality of your building which means a low-risk arrangement. What that essentially means is that if there is ever an issue with anything utility-related, the Arc Energy team will help your property or strata manager solve the issue or put you in touch with the right people.

Australian Based Call Centre

Arc Energy is an Australian based company with offices in NSW and VIC. Our friendly customer service team organise billing and provide ongoing care for our customers. We’re also committed to educating our clients on reducing and controlling their energy usage through our online resources including explainer videos and simple tips to manage energy consumption.